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Title:The Four Loves
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What Christians Believe

What Christians Believe

The Essentials Explained br br Master storyteller and essayist C S Lewis here tackles the central questions of the Christian faith Who was Jesus What did he accomplish What does it mean for me br br In these classic essays which began as talks on the BBC during World War II Lewis creatively and simply explains the basic tenets of Christianity Taken from the core section of em Mere Christianity em the selection in this gift edition provides an accessible way for more people to discover these timeless truths For those looking to remind themselves of the things they hold true or those looking for a snapshot of Christianity this book is a wonderful introduction to the faith

C. S. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy

C S Lewis Life Works and Legacy

p Most popularly known as the author of the children s classic The Chronicles of Narnia C S Lewis was also a prolific poet essayist novelist and Christian writer His most famous work The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe while known as a children s book is often read as a Christian allegory and remains to this day one of his best loved works But Lewis was prolific in a number of areas including poetry Christian writing literary criticism letters memoir autobiography sermons and more This four volume set written by experts guides readers to a better understanding and appreciation of this important and influential writer p p Clive Staples Lewis was born on November in Belfast Northern Ireland His mother died when he was young leaving his father to raise him and his older brother Warren He fought and was wounded in World War I and later became immersed in the spiritual life of Christianity While he delved into the world of Christian writing he did not limit himself to one genre and produced a remarkable oeuvre that continues to be widely read taught and adored at all levels As part of the circle known as the Inklings which consisted of writers and intellectuals and included J R R Tolkien Charles Williams and others he developed and honed his skills and continued to put out extensive writings Many different groups now claim him as their own spanning genres from science fiction to Christian literature from nonfiction to children s stories his output remains among the most popular and complex Here experts in the field of Lewis studies examine all his works along with the details of his life and the culture in which he lived to give readers the fullest complete picture of the man the writer and the husband alongside his works his legacy and his place in English letters p



In this text Lewis attempts to show that a Christian must not only accept but also rejoice in miracles as a testimony of the personal involvement of God in his creation He challenges the rationalists agnostics and deists on their own grounds

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i The Four Loves i summarizes four kinds of human love affection friendship erotic love and the love of God Masterful without being magisterial this book s wise gentle candid reflections on the virtues and dangers of love draw on sources from Jane Austen to St Augustine The chapter on charity love of God may be the best thing Lewis ever wrote about Christianity Consider his reflection on Augustine s teaching that one must love only God because only God is eternal and all earthly love will someday pass away blockquote Who could conceivably begin to love God on such a prudential ground because the security so to speak is better Who could even include it among the grounds for loving Would you choose a wife or a Friend if it comes to that would you choose a dog in this spirit One must be outside the world of love of all loves before one thus calculates blockquote His description of Christianity here is no less forceful and opinionated than in i Mere Christianity i or i The Problem of Pain i but it is far less i anxious i about its reader s response and therefore more persuasive than any of his apologetics When he begins to describe the nature of faith Lewis writes Take it as one man s reverie almost one man s myth If anything in it is useful to you use it if anything is not never give it a second thought i Michael Joseph Gross i The Four Loves books by C.S. Lewis

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