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Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Volume 289: Nutritional and Toxicological Consequences of Food Processing

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Volume Nutritional and Toxicological Consequences of Food Processing

A variety of processing methods are used to make foods edible to pennit storage to alter texture and flavor to sterilize and pasteurize food and to destroy microorganisms and other toxins These methods include baking broiling cooking freezing frying and roasting Many such efforts have both beneficial and harmful effects It is a paradox of nature that the processing of foods can improve nutrition quality safety and taste and yet occasionally lead to the formation of anti nutritional and toxic compounds These multifaceted consequences of food processing arise from molecular interactions among nutrients with each other and with other food ingredients Since beneficial and adverse effects of food processing are of increasing importance to food science nutrition and human health and since many of the compounds formed have been shown to be potent carcinogens and growth inhibitors in animals I organized a symposium broadly concerned with the nutritional and toxicological consequences of food processing The symposium was sponsored by the American Institute of Nutrition AIN Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology FASEB for its annual meeting in Washington D C April Invited speakers were asked to develop at least one of the following topics Nutrient nonnutrient interactions between amino acids proteins carbohydrates lipids minerals vitamins tannins fiber natural toxicants etc Effects of radiation Thermally induced formation of dietary mutagens antimutagens carcinogens anticarcinogens antioxidants and growth inhibitors Effects of pH on nutritional value and safety

The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals

The Fungal Spore and Disease Initiation in Plants and Animals

This treatise is focused on early aspects of fungal pathogenesis in plant and animal hosts Our aim in choosing the topics and contributors was to demonstrate common approaches to studies of fungal plant and fungal animal interactions particularly at the biochemical and molecular Ievels For example the initial events of adh sion of fungal spores to the exposed surface tissues of the host are essential for subsequent invasion of the plant or animal and establishment of pathogenesis A point of consensus among investigators who have directed their attention to such events in plants insects and vertebrates isthat spore adhesion to the host cuticle or epithelium is more than a simple binding event lt is a complex and potentially pivotal process in fungal plant interactions which may involve the secretion of ftuids that prepare the infection court for the development of morphological stages of the germling and subsequent invasion of the host Nicholson and Epstein Chapter The attachment of the fungal propagule to the arthropod cuticle is also mediated by the chemical components present on the outer layer of the spore wall and the epicuticle Initial attachment may be reinforced further by either the active secretion of adhesive materials or the modification of spore wall materiallocated at the fungal spore arthropod cuticle interface Boucias and Pendland Chapter

Solubility of Gases and Liquids: A Graphic Approach Data -- Causes -- Prediction

Solubility of Gases and Liquids A Graphic Approach Data Causes Prediction

The solubility of gases and liquids in liquids is of great importance in large areas of operations based on chemical concepts Phenomena have appeared to be so varied that even experts have from time to time remarked on the difficulty of seeing a consistent pattern Now for the first time the essential pattern of all known gas solubility data is set out in a graphic form for all to see The continuous merging of the gas liquid systems and the liquid liquid systems is also illustrated The pattern opens the way to rational predictions The new data given for the lower alkanes and alkenes the three methylamines ammonia bromomethane and chloroethane together with my previously reported data on hydrogen sulfide dimethyl ether chloromethane and sulfur dioxide have been obtained by a bubbler manometer procedure which is fully described Not only are these data of significance in many chemical processes but they have also been vital to the development of the overall essential pattern covering all gases The book is for chemists chemical engineers biotechnologists certain physi cists and teachers and students in these disciplines It is a book for all those who are concerned with the use and inculcation of the fundamental even rudimentary principles of chemistry

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Flatland / Sphereland

Flatland Sphereland

Flatland the classic speculation on life in four dimensions Sphereland a continuing speculation on an expanding universe

A Shakespearian Grammar: An Attempt to Illustrate Some of the Differences between Elizabethan & Modern English

A Shakespearian Grammar An Attempt to Illustrate Some of the Differences between Elizabethan Modern English

The finest and fullest guide to the peculiarities of Elizabethan syntax grammar and prosody this volume addresses every idiomatic usage found in Shakespeare s works with additional references to the works of Jonson Bacon and others Its informative introduction which compares Shakespearian and modern usage is followed by sections on grammar classified according to parts of speech and prosody focusing on pronunciation The book concludes with an examination of the uses of metaphor and simile and a selection of notes and questions suitable for classroom use Each of more than classifications is illustrated with quotes all of which are fully indexed Unabridged republication of the classic edition

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions: (Illustrated) Visual Explanation about Multiple Dimensions

Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions Illustrated Visual Explanation about Multiple Dimensions

Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions the book is a satirical novella by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Written pseudonymously by A Square this book uses the fictional two dimensional realm of Flatland to reflect on the hierarchy of Victorian society but the novella s more enduring contribution is its exploration of dimensions Several movies have been made from the story for example the feature film Flatland Other attempts have been short or experimental films like the one narrated by Dudley Moore and the short films Flatland Sphereland after Flatland The Movie Although Flatland was ok when published it did not obtain a great success In the listing on Edwin Abbott in the Dictionary of National Biography Flatland is not even mentioned This book was discovered again after Albert Einstein s general theory of relativity was published which introduced the concept of a fourth dimension Flatland was referred to in a letter entitled Euclid Newton and Einstein published in Nature In this letter Abbott is depicted as a prophet due to his intuition of the importance of time to explain certain phenomena Many years in the past a little jeu d esprit Dr Edwin Abbott wrote a piece entitled Flatland If there is a motion of our three dimensional space pertinent to the fourth dimension all the changes we encounter and assign to the flow of time will simply be because this movement the bulk of the future as well as the past always existing in the fourth dimension

Light on the Gospel from an Ancient Poet

Light on the Gospel from an Ancient Poet

Many of the earliest books particularly those dating back to the s and before are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive We are republishing these classic works in affordable high quality modern editions using the original text and artwork

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i Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions i is an science fiction novella by Edwin A Abbott br br As a satire Flatland offered pointed observations on the social hierarchy of Victorian culture However the novella s more enduring contribution is its examination of dimensions in a foreword to one of the many publications of the novella noted science writer Isaac Asimov described Flatland as The best introduction one can find into the manner of perceiving dimensions As such the novella is still popular amongst mathematics physics and computer science students br br The story is about a two dimensional world referred to as Flatland The unnamed narrator a humble square the social caste of gentlemen and professionals guides us through some of the implications of life in two dimensions The Square has a dream about a visit to a one dimensional world Lineland and attempts to convince the realm s ignorant monarch of a second dimension but finds that it is essentially impossible to make him see outside of his eternally straight line br br The narrator is then visited by a three dimensional sphere which he cannot comprehend until he sees Spaceland for himself This sphere who remains nameless visits Flatland at the turn of each millennium to introduce a new apostle to the idea of a third dimension in the hopes of eventually educating the population of Flatland of the existence of Spaceland From the safety of Spaceland they are able to observe the leaders of Flatland secretly acknowledging the existence of the sphere and prescribing the silencing of anyone found preaching the truth of Spaceland and the third dimension After this proclamation is made many witnesses are massacred or imprisoned according to caste br br After the Square s mind is opened to new dimensions he tries to convince the Sphere of the theoretical possibility of the existence of a fourth and fifth and sixth spatial dimension Offended by this presumption and incapable of comprehending other dimensions the Sphere returns his student to Flatland in disgrace br br He then has a dream in which the Sphere visits him again this time to introduce him to Pointland The point sole inhabitant monarch and universe in one perceives any attempt at communicating with him as simply being a thought originating in his own mind cf Solipsism br br The Square recognizes the connection between the ignorance of the monarchs of Pointland and Lineland with his own and the Sphere s previous ignorance of the existence of other dimensions br br Once returned to Flatland the Square finds it difficult to convince anyone of Spaceland s existence especially after official decrees are announced anyone preaching the lies of three dimensions will be imprisoned or executed depending on caste Eventually the Square himself is imprisoned for just this reason Flatland (French Edition) books by Edwin A. Abbott

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